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Honda Accord Driver Door Won't Open

Q. I own a 2000 Honda Accord EX coupe. The drivers side door will not open, from inside or outside of the car. It was opening just fine, then boom, it won't open. The passenger side is fine. My husband removed the door panel, and all of the rods are working properly, but the latch that keeps the door shut will not release, he checked the passenger side door and everything is fine.

Honda Accord Driver Door Won't Open

He used the passenger door as a reference. Is there a way for him to fix this himself? If so, can you please advise how?

Thank you for your time,

A. I would try grabbing the rod that goes from the inside door handle to the latch with a pair of pliers and pull it and see if the door unlatches. It won't be an easy pull, but don't go nuts on it either.

If the door unlatches the problem is with the linkage rods. They will need to be adjusted. Adjustment is made by bending the rod itself. If you follow the rod for the outer door handle down to the latch, you will see a screw type adjustment. It should be screwed down just enough to open the door every time and no more.

If it doesn't unlatch, then the latch itself is the problem and probably needs to be replaced.

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