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Ford Ranger Intermittent Wipers

Q. I have a 1993 Ford Ranger 4.0 liter V-6, A4LD automatic transmission, 2WD and I'm having a problem with my windshield wipers delay setting. I have read articles on the web about how people take their switch cap off and then unscrew a little screw in there. Problem is I don't have a screw there so I can't clean and reassemble the switch like they did.

Ford Ranger Intermittent Wipers

I replaced the governor that is under the dash that has to do with the delay system but it is still the same. High and low setting work fine but the delay doesn't work properly, it moves 2" at a time. Can you help me out here?

Thanks in advance, Randy


The only two components that would cause the symptoms you describe is the Interval Governor or the Multi-Function Switch. Of course a problem in the wiring could also be possibility.

Since you replaced the Interval Governor I would suspect the Multi-Function Switch would be a strong possibility.

Ford Ranger Intermittent Wipers

You can test the interval switch with an ohmmeter. Unplug the connecter and hook up your ohmmeter between pin 589, orange wire, and pin 61, yellow/red wire. Now rotate the switch clockwise. The ohmmeter should indicate a smooth increase from 420/880 ohms minimum to 7K/13K ohms maximum.

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