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Nissan Sentra Cold Start Problems

Q. I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra 1.8 liter automatic transmission, 17,000 miles and still under warranty. My problem is that I have to double crank car to start. I have had car to dealer five times, and they have yet found out the problem. It is like I have to prime car to start it. Someone told me to have the fuel pressure value tested. They said if it is leaking pressure the fuel will go back into tank and make it hard to start. Does this car have a pressure value and if so what does it do?

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Nissan Sentra Cold Start Problems


I'm confused as to what you mean by "value". Do you mean the fuel pressure specification? Or are you referring to the Fuel Pressure Regulator? Fuel Pump Check Valve?

Fuel pressure at idle:

  • Vacuum hose connected: Approximately 24 to 34 psi.
  • Vacuum hose disconnected: Approximately 30 to 43 psi.

If the Fuel Pressure Regulator is bad, it will make the engine hard to start. The Fuel Pressure Regulator is located on the main fuel rail.

Nissan Sentra Cold Start Problems

If the Fuel Pump Check Valve is bad it, too, will make the engine hard to start. The Fuel Pump Check Valve is part of the fuel pump and you would need to replace the whole fuel pump assembly to replace the check valve.

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