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Chevy Blazer A/C Blows Warm

Q. I bought a 1993 4-wheel drive Blazer off my brother. It has a 4.3 liter engine and all the goodies and 133,000 miles. He had a private shop replace the A/C compressor and belt in July. It hasn't worked right since. I live in a different state and don't want to take it back.

Chevy Blazer A/C Blows Warm

I didn't know the A/C didn't work properly because it took me a month to get it to start when hot. Now it runs well, but in SC we need air. The problem sounds simple. It runs cold as long as I am giving it gas but when I let up or go down a hill it starts blowing warm air. If I am running along with the cruise and it is level, there is no cold air.

If I put it in neutral and gun it, it turns cold but just briefly before it goes back to blowing warm air. The only other thing I have noticed is that when I start it, it blows out such humid air, even on a non humid day, that it fogs up my glasses.

Thanks for any help.

A. You need to check to see if the A/C compressor cuts off or is even running when it happens. Could be a clogged orifice tube from the first A/C compressor failing. Could be something electrical if the compressor shuts off. The fogging may be due to a clogged drain from the evaporator. When it runs, does it drip water under the car? If so, it's working.

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