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Chevy Corsica Cruise Control

Q. Dear Vincent, my cruise control does not work. I have enough information to get started to do some troubleshooting. What I need is physical locations of the parts involved in the cruise control. My "Haynes" auto repair manual (1987 through 1996 all Models) on a Chevy Corsica does not help very much.

1990 Chevrolet Corsica
2.8 liter
Automatic transmission
114,000 miles

Thank you for any help or Info.

A. I don't have a comprehensive diagram to show you, but I can tell you where things are.

The Cruise Control Servo is located in the engine compartment, in front of the LH strut tower.

Chevy Corsica Cruise Control

The Cruise Control Module is located behind the RH side of the I/P, above the I/P compartment.

Chevy Corsica Cruise Control

Then you have the Cruise Control brake switch on the brake pedal and the Cruise Control Vacuum Vent Solenoid and the Vacuum Vent Valve on the Cruise Control Servo.

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