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Resetting Ford Explorer PCM

Q. I have a 1994 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer 4X4, V-6 engine, automatic transmission, 145,000 miles, ABS brakes, cruise control. I took the Explorer to the Ford house and ran a diagnostics which showed a leak in the vacuum line (which was fixed) and it also showed the MAF sensor bad and they cleaned it.

I was still having the same problems after a couple of days so I replaced the MAF sensor and my vehicle has much more power and doesn't ping anymore, starts fine, hasn't died and have to wait to start but my check engine light still comes on and my ABS light comes on and stays on. Is there some way to clear the computer???

A. Here is the whole procedure:

Clearing Keep Alive Memory and Relearning Adaptive Strategy

Keep Alive Memory And Adaptive Strategy:
The EEC-IV system constantly monitors and adjusts the PCM calibration to correct for normal wear and aging of components. The PCM uses these calibration adjustments to shift fuel delivery calculations and idle speed specifications to compensate for the aging of the vehicle.

When an Electronic Engine Controls (EEC) system component is replaced, the Keep Alive Memory (KAM) should be cleared to erase the information stored by the processor from the original component.

Clearing Keep Alive Memory:
To clear the KAM, disconnect the battery negative terminal for five minutes or more (preferably 15 minutes).

Adaptive Strategy Relearn Procedure:
After repairs have been made and the KAM cleared drive the vehicle for at least ten miles to allow the PCM to relearn the values for optimum performance.

Note: During the ten mile relearn drive, the vehicle may exhibit some driveability symptoms. These should be eliminated when the KAM has relearned the operating values.

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