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Chrysler Concorde Stuck In Limp In

Q. I have a 1993 Chrysler Concorde, 3.5 liter, automatic 42LE A606 transmission, 187,000 miles, fuel injected, ABS brakes, P/S, A/C, C/C, Rack & Pinion steering. The problem at this point is will not come out of Limp in Mode and has a code 22 and 43. This has been eliminated by rebuilding the transaxle to include O-rings, gaskets, lip seals, clutch packs and disks and have made sure clutch and pump end play is within specifications.

Chrysler Concorde Stuck In Limp In

I have flushed the entire system, replaced filter and refilled with the proper "Chrysler Transmission fluid". The solenoid pack is new, I have also replaced the Transmission Control Module with one from a known working vehicle. I have checked all wiring harnesses with OHM meter to ensure proper connection. Transmission shift cable has been adjusted. All of the above has eliminated the code 22 and 43.

I have another problem: It will shift properly until the transmission warms up and also the vehicle will not start with out removing the starter relay (in power distribution box): I can start the vehicle by placing a jumper wire in place of starter relay. I have replaced the input and output sensors the battery is fully charged and the engine is exceptional shape even with the 187,000 mileage.

I have monitored the Transmission with a "Snap-On" scanner and found out once in Limp-in mode scanner shows vehicle in fourth gear (actually in first), converter not locked, input speed sensor i.e.: 3,000 the output sensor indicates a speed of 1,400, and now has trouble codes of 36 and 53, and sometimes 51.

If there is anything you can suggest short of junking vehicle it would certainly be most appreciated as military member really don't have the funds to spend $2500.00 for a transmission for a vehicle worth less than the $2500.00.

A. It's looking like you have a bad PCM. I would try getting one from a junk yard and trying it out. I think that will solve your problem.

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