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Replacing Ford Windstar Spark Plugs

Q. Dear Vincent, trying to figure out the best and easiest way to change my spark plugs on my 1998 Ford Windstar mini-van with the 3.8 liter fuel injected engine, fully loaded. Your response would be much grateful.

Replacing Ford Windstar Spark Plugs

A. On this van you can change some of them from up top after removing the engine cowling and you may have to remove the front tire and you could get to some of the front plugs.

You will need to use a 3/8" drive spark plug socket and a flex head 3/8" drive ratchet. And you may need a swivel 3/8" drive. You will need several different length 3/8" drive extensions and they make a wobbly extension that really helps with this job.

When you are reinstalling the plugs, you want to consider using a peace of vacuum hose. Just get one that will slip on to the end of the spark plug real snug and as you place the spark plug in the hole you can steady it with one hand and twist the vacuum hose in the right direction and it will spin the spark plug for you.

It does not matter if the vacuum line is not straight it can bend and curve around a corner and when you twist it, it will twist the spark plug in after you get it started. Then you can pull the vacuum line off and get your wrenches and finish it.

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