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Subaru GL Won't Idle, Stalls

Q. 1983 Subaru GL 4WD Wagon, manual transmission, 1.8 liter engine, 67,000 miles. Had been "on ice" for over a year. Was last driven for 400 miles in one day with flawless performance. Passed Colorado Emissions Test with flying colors, lower emissions than our 1997 Honda Accord.

Subaru GL Won't Idle, Stalls

After first full tank of gas was added, started dying at idle when engine at operating temperature, runs fine if kept above 1,000 rpm.

Changed oil; spray-cleaned carburetor; charged battery; replaced rotor, plugs, distributor cap, PCV valve, all were original; replaced fuel filters in front of gas tank and in engine compartment.

Put gas antifreeze in tank with idea of dissipating any water. Now half full tank and problem persists. Seemed to improve a bit after drove 20 miles on highway, but still won't hold idle if rpm less than 1,000.

Specific thoughts: Seems like a fuel system problem but could it be ignition wires? Is fuel pump operation "all or nothing" meaning problem is not the fuel pump or could this be the problem?

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That engine had two different carburetors used on it. A Carter-Weber Carburetor and a Hitachi Carburetor. Both had their peculiar quirks.

First you need to check all the vacuum lines for leaks and that they are all connected properly. Then you need to make sure the EGR valve closes fully with no vacuum applied. If it's hanging open it will stall the engine at idle. Then you need to check the carburetor base nuts to be sure they are tight and the base gasket is good.

Another possibility is dirt in the low speed jets or carburetor bleeds or an internal carburetor vacuum leak. If this is the case you will need to either rebuild or replace the carburetor.

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