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Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Light Woes

Q. Vincent, I am trying to help a friend with their 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The problem is odd, with the lights off, I did not check just running lights, engine either on or off for all aspects of this issue, the rear brake lights are fine. With the lights on, the rear brake lights come on, all three, but look dim. When you hit the brake all three brake lights go off.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Light Woes

I checked the voltage at the socket and got slightly less that at the battery with the car running, 13.7 volts vs. 13.9 volts at the battery this seems okay to me. The problem was noted after, say, one year of owning this car, bought used. I would guess that it was not there all along, although I can imagine that it would pass inspection.

I have read through all 41 pages of questions and found a couple of close ones but nothing exact. I told my friend to change all the bulbs first, it's cheap and why not? Any suggestions? My first guess would now be the turn signal switch but that is a guess.

Thanks in advance,

A. Since all the lighting circuits go through the Lamp Outage Module (LOM) I think replacing all the bulbs and insuring they are the correct bulbs would be a good first step. If the problem still occurs, then I would have to suspect a bad LOM.

If you need to, you can use this wiring diagram to trace out the wiring for a possible short.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Brake Light Woes

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