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Pontiac Sunfire Stalling At Stops

Q. Vincent: After about one hour or so at highway speed when we come to a complete stop the Sunfire stalls. It will immediately restart but when the gas is touched it stalls again. Car needs to sit for three to five minutes before it will run in drive. The car was also running rough at 1,500 rpms when steady. The EGR valve was replaced which cleared this up but not the stalling after highway driving.

Pontiac Sunfire Stalling At Stops

The following list covers what has been done to the car in the last year, outside of reglar oil and filter changes:

  • Replaced cracked head and head gasket and spark plugs
  • Replaced broken timing chain and related tensioner and cogs
  • Replaced broken serpentine belt tensioner
  • Replaced faulty oxygen sensor
  • Replaced faulty MAP sensor
  • Replaced non-functioning EGR valve

As well, about a year before this problem we had the computer replaced because the leads were severely corroded. The power steering is not working properly and we think the pump might be shot. There are no leaks but the fluid was dark brown when I changed it, with almost no difference in performance. The engine has full compression on all cylinders after all the work that was done. It runs great and gets great milage. We don't know what to do next to stop this stalling.

  • 1995 Pontiac Sunfire
  • 2.2 liter engine
  • 180,000 miles
  • P/S, A/C

Any advice would be great!!!!
Sean and Jackie

A. If there is a fairly violent shudder when it stalls this would indicate that the torque convertor clutch is not releasing when coming to a stop. Most likely caused by a bad TCC solenoid inside the transmission. You can try to isolate this by unplugging the wire harness to the transmission. A square plug on the front side of transmission when you are looking under the hood. Leaving it unplugged will lose some gas mileage but with this amount of miles on your car you may not want to spend the $300.00 to replace the TCC solenoid.

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