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Replacing A Chevy Cavalier Heater Core

Q. I have a 1997 Chevy Cavalier, automatic, 4 cylinder with A/C, floor shift console, 4 door sedan that I need to replace the heater core. I need instructions or pictures of how to dismantle the dashboard to install this. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


Replacing A Chevy Cavalier Heater Core

A. Well Rick, the first thing you have to do is take out the instrument panel.

Replacing A Chevy Cavalier Heater Core

Remove or Disconnect

  1. Negative battery cable.
  2. Instrument panel.
  3. Drain cooling system.
  4. Raise vehicle.
  5. Heater hoses from heater core.
  6. Lower vehicle.
  7. Heater core outlet.
  8. Heater core cover.
  9. There is a mounting screw located in a recess in the center of the cover.
  10. Heater core mounting clamps and heater core.

Install or Connect

  1. Heater core and heater core mounting clamps.
  2. Heater core cover.
  3. Heater core outlet.
  4. Raise vehicle.
  5. Heater hoses to heater core.
  6. Lower vehicle.
  7. Fill cooling system and check for leaks.
  8. Instrument panel.
  9. Negative battery cable.

Replacing A Chevy Cavalier Heater Core

  1. Valve Housing Cover
  2. Heater/Blower Module Bolt
  3. Defroster Valve
  4. Mode Valve
  5. Heater-Vacuum Tank
  6. Heater Module Mounting Bracket
  7. Heater-Control
  8. Heater Valve Lever Link
  9. Defroster Valve Actuator
  10. Heater Case
  11. Heater Valve
  12. Mode Valve Actuator
  13. Temperature Valve Clip
  14. Temperature Valve
  15. Heater Core Shroud
  16. Heater Core
  17. Heater Core Strap
  1. Heater Cover
  2. Heater Outlet
  3. Heater Core Shroud Seal
  4. Heater Core Tube And Mount Seal
  5. Heater Core Seal
  6. Heater And A/C Control Switch Harness
  7. Defroster Duct
  8. Blower Motor Bolts
  9. Blower Motor Isolator
  10. Blower Motor
  11. Blower Fan
  12. Blower Resistor
  13. Heater Case Seal
  14. Blower And Air Inlet Case
  15. Mounting Seal
  16. Air Inlet Housing
  17. Vacuum Harness
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