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Honda ATF

Q. I have a just purchased a new Honda Odyssey, and after going through the owners manual to check on maintenance intervals. Everything in this manual says use only Honda fluids.

My main question is on the transmission It says that you can use Dexron III if necessary but may cause some shifting problems, recommend short use and Drain and refill with Honda transmission fluids. Is this just there way of selling their products or is there actually a difference between Dexron III and Honda transmission fluid?

Also I have noticed that there is no Transmission pan, So am I to assume that there is no filter also. Because it states to drain transmission at least three times and refill for transmission service, Basically flushing it. and if so where is the drain plug they do not point it out? Any assistance would be helpful.

Honda Odyssey 2001
3.5 liter fuel injected.
Automatic transmission

Thank You,

A. I looked in the Honda service manuals and they only refer to their transmission flied as Genuine Honda Premium Formula Automatic Transmission Fluid and Using a non-Honda ATF can affect shift quality.

Years ago ATF was ATF. You could use it in any car. Ford was the only one who used a different fluid. But today with car manufacturers using different materials in their transmissions, they need to use more highly specialized fluids. Chrysler in particular comes to mind. If you don't use Chrysler fluid, the transmission will definitely shift erratically.

So at this point, I would use the Honda fluid until the aftermarket people start making a fluid (if they haven't already) that is compatible with Honda transmissions.

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