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Replacing Chevy S-10 Oil Lines

Q. I have 1995 Chevy S-10 4X4, 4.3 liter VIN code "W" that I just hit a deer with. It broke one of the two hoses off at the block on the bottom of the engine, next to the oil filter. What is the name of that part, and what will it take to fix it? I do have some mechanical experience, but this is the first time I've had this happen.


Replacing Chevy S-10 Oil Lines


Sounds like the oil filter adapter lines. One line goes to the engine, the other goes to the cooler in the radiator. Any Chevy dealer will have both of these in stock because they leak all the time.
Replacing Chevy S-10 Oil Lines


  1. Bolts holding lines to adapters.
  2. Oil cooler lines from radiator to remote oil filter adapter.
  3. Seals from adapter.
  4. Clamp and bolt.
  5. Oil cooler lines from remote oil filter adapter to engine mounted adapter.
  6. Seals from remote and engine mounted adapters.
  7. Reverse to install.

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