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Nissan Maxima ABS Brake Bleeding

Q. G'day Mr Ciulla, here it is: 1997 Nissan Maxima 3.0 liter, 166,000 kilometers, automatic transmission, A/C, ABS and traction control. What is the sequence to bleed breaking system? Is there a bleeder on the ABS control or around to take care of?


Nissan Maxima ABS Brake Bleeding

A. Here is the brake bleeding procedure from the manual Mate!

• Carefully monitor brake fluid level at master cylinder during bleeding operation.
• If master cylinder is suspected to have air inside, bleed air from master cylinder first.
• Fill reservoir with new "DOT 3" brake fluid. Make sure it is full at all times while bleeding air out of the hydraulic system.
• Place a container under master cylinder to avoid spillage of brake fluid.
• For models with ABS, turn ignition switch "OFF" and disconnect ABS actuator connectors or battery ground cable.


  1. Connect a transparent vinyl tube to respective air bleeder valve and the other end into a suitable container. Bleed air in the following order: Right rear brake, Left front brake, Left rear brake, Right front brake.
  2. Fully depress brake pedal several times.
  3. With brake pedal depressed, open air bleeder valve to release trapped air.
  4. Close air bleeder valve.
  5. Release brake pedal slowly.
  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 until all air is expelled and clear brake fluid comes out of air bleeder valve.
  7. Torque air bleeder valve to 7 - 9 Nm (61 - 78 inch lb.).

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