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GMC Jimmy Fuel Filter Replacement

Q. How to change the fuel filter on a 1997 GMC Jimmy?

GMC Jimmy Fuel Filter Replacement


The fuel filter is located underneath the truck on the drivers side frame rail. You will need to raise the truck safely to get under. You will need a 21mm and a 16mm wrench. The 16mm wrench should be a line wrench so you don't ruin the hex head of the fitting.

While holding the 21mm wrench on the fuel filter fitting, turn the 16mm wrench counter clockwise to break loose the fitting nut on both sides of the filter. Then you need to pull the line out of the filter and let the fuel pressure drain off.

NOTE: If you let this thing sit overnight and do it first thing BEFORE you start it, there should be very low pressure in the lines. If you do it after it's been running you will be getting a bath of gas on you!! BE CAREFUL!

The filter needs to be removed from the black plastic bracket. It should slide right out. Good Luck!

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