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Toyota Camry Power Window Problems

Q. Hi Vincent, I have a question about my 1996 Toyota Camry XLE. Three power windows do not go up, they will go down but not back up. Passenger side works fine. One of the three windows will go up if you play with the button. I really don't have a lot of $$ so I was wondering where I should go from here. I don't even know who will fix it.

Toyota Camry Power Window Problems

I brought it to a couple of places and they wouldn't even look at it. Please help.


A. I don't understand why no one will look at it for you. I would take it to a Toyota Dealer and let them look at it. There would be about an hour diagnostic time but at least you would know what you're dealing with.

My first thought was window regulators, but you say if you play with the window switch one window will go up. This would make me think it is an electrical problem, or a combination of both.

Since these are two very likely possibilities I would need to have the car in order to tell you, for sure, which it is.

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