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Honda Accord Power Door Lock Stuck

Q. Hello, My 1991 Honda Accord has a keyless door entry. A month ago the drivers side door froze and the lock will not release. Is this a faulty fuse? Do I have to take the door panel off to locate a break in the wiring? Please advise. I am so tired of jumping over the seats. I work a lot of hours and have not had the time or funds to go to a dealership.

Many thanks,
P. M.
Arlington, VA

Honda Accord Power Door Lock Stuck

A. It is most likely the Door Lock Actuator is bad. You can now replace just the motor and not the whole actuator.

Honda Accord Power Door Lock Stuck

The door panel will have to come off to replace it. You can pick up a door panel tool at almost any auto parts store to make the job easier.

Honda Accord Power Door Lock Stuck

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