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Dodge Dynasty Chokes & Dies

Q. I have a 1992 Dodge Dynasty with 31,000 miles. 3.3 liter. Starts and runs well. After 15-25 minutes it sputters and shuts down. Can restart in 5 minutes to slow idle only, and if given gas, car stalls. Wait six hours and car starts fine with same results. Took to dealer. Replaced O2 sensor and air filter. Did carbon clean out. $360.00.

Dodge Dynasty Chokes & Dies

Took home, stalled on the way, same problem. Is it the fuel pump? The dealer says pressure is low, but does not sound 100% sure. Will cost $460.00 to fix. Any help will be greatly appreciated. When car starts after failure, black/gray smoke comes out on first startup, then goes away. When restarted on low idle after breakdown, same thing. Seems like a flooding condition to me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


A. Well Mike, fuel pressure will tell the story. It does sound to me like a bad fuel pump and, if the condition is easily duplicated, watching the fuel pressure tester when it happens will confirm it. If the fuel pressure is too high, it will dump too much fuel into the engine and cause the black smoke. But as I said, the fuel pressure test will tell you what's going on.

I would look at the plugs and see what they have to say. If it is flooding then they will have a black, sooty appearance to them.

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