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Chevy Camaro Clutch Bleeding

Q. Hi Vince I hope you can help me out. I own a 1995 Chevy Camaro, with the 3.4 liter and a manual 5 speed. I have just replaced the clutch disk, pressure plate, and release bearing. However, I now have a spongy clutch pedal and I have to pump it several times before the car will go in gear(running).

I am assuming this is an air problem. The procedure detailed in two repair manuals are not clear and do not seem to help. I am told this is a one piece system (slave cylinder, master cylinder, and hose between the two, come as one assembly) and I have no experience with bleeding this system. Could you please fill me in on the secret technique???

Thank you for any Help,

A. Sounds like an air problem to me. Sometimes you can crack the bleeder at the slave cylinder, open the cap on the master cylinder and inject brake fluid into the slave cylinder and it will push air out the top of master cylinder.

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