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Chevy Cavalier Nasty Misfire?

Q. I have a 1998 Chevy Cavalier, 2.2 liter with 70,000 miles. Within the past two weeks, the car has developed a nasty misfire. I don't get any trouble codes. I hooked up my scanner while the car was running and noticed that the fuel injection would not go into closed loop. The tip of the exhaust pipe is black with soot and it'll blow some black smoke if you get on the gas.

It misfire is at all engine speeds including idle. When the problem was new, it was somewhat intermittent. I got it to stop acting up one time by shifting into neutral while on the freeway, turning the car off and then back on again. Ran smooth the rest of the way home.

Now the problem is constant. I'd hate to start replacing parts for no reason. It seems like an electrical problem (since I was able to cure it but turning the car off and on, or the fact that the fuel injection won't go into closed loop) The lack of codes is troubling. I figured that any bad sensor or ECM would have a code. Thanks in advance for the help.

A. What kind of scan tool are you using? Has it ever read trouble codes on this car before? You may want to stop by a dealer and have them scan it. If it's missing, it would have at least set a P0300 and possibly more. My guess is that your tool isn't compatible or it's not missing, just running rough.

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