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Ford Pickup Won't Start

Q. Vince, hope this gets to you. girlfriend purchased a 1982 Ford Pickup, 4 cylinder, stripped model and I mean stripped. It has a problem from the beginning, hard to start, had to pump gas pedal several times and then it might fire up after the 5 - 7th try. Ran all right once it got started. Just recently it started running really rough, stalled when you stopped and finally it just will not start. Other then shooting it, any suggestions?


Ford Pickup Won't Start

A. I'm going to assume it is a Ford Courier since that was the only Ford Pickup that year that had a four banger.

I would start with the basics, spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor, air and fuel filters. There is a good chance that this alone will fix the truck. I would , at least, pull the spark plugs and make sure they are not fouled. If they are, clean or replace them.

If it still doesn't fire we have to determine what's missing, fuel or spark. What you can do spray some carburetor cleaner down the carburetor while someone tries to start it. If it runs then you know you have a fuel problem. Probably a fuel pump.

If it doesn't fire, take an old spark plug and plug one of the ignition wires into it and lay it on a metal part of the engine. Crank it over and if there is no spark, you have an ignition problem. Maybe a bad ignition coil or ignition module.

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