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Dodge Caravan Blower Motor Relay

Q. I have a 1996 Dodge Caravan. The heater blower motor quit. No not the radiator fans. Summer time is on its way and my wife needs the A/C. The motor is fine. There is no voltage getting to the motor. The schematics show a 40 amp fuse (its okay) and a relay. Yes, a relay. BUT where is it???

Dodge Caravan Blower Motor Relay

It's not in the under hood power distribution center. It's not in the driver side fuse box. So where is it? A local dealer struck out three times. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

A. Chrysler does not call it a "Front Blower Motor Relay". I mean come on now, that would make sense and we can't allow that.

Anyway, as you can see in the wiring diagram, the relay is B05. And B05 is located under the dash on the left side, just to the right of the parking brake switch.

And by the way, if you look on the main index page, you will find the correct address to send questions to.

Added 5/29/03:

Sir, If it wasn't for your site I would have had to take my 1996 Plymouth Voyager to a shop and pay probably an arm and a leg to fix. I was able to get help from FAQ: bl437f.htm. I am very inexperienced in fixing cars, but am enjoying learning.

The only thing (not a complaint by any means) you may want to add to this is that the relay for my van was behind the fuse box, this would make it easier for people to find it. Some smaller people may be able to go under the backside, but most would probably benefit from dropping the fuse box and going over the top of it. Great work, keep it up.

Thanks again,

Dodge Caravan Blower Motor Relay

Dodge Caravan Blower Motor Relay
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