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Jeep Cherokee Laredo Shock Absorbers

Q. Vince, I have a 1992 Jeep Cherokee Laredo, 6 cylinder, automatic with 83,500 miles. Recently the ride has become bumpier and bumpier and I'm trying to decide if I need to have new shocks/struts put it. Once in awhile it will make a very loud noise if the back passenger side hits a bump as there seems to be absolutely no help from the shock.

Jeep Cherokee Laredo Shock Absorbers

However, since it's an old jeep, and I don't drive very much (I live in a city and walk to work) I am apprehensive to put more money into it. How much do you think this sort of repair will cost and will I do further damage if I choose to ignore the problem?

Thanks very much!

A. Assuming it is the shocks, here are prices and times from the book.

  Part OEM Part No. Price
Front Standard G0073619 $28.50
  Heavy Duty 52006791 $33.75
Rear Standard G0060053 $36.70
  Heavy Duty G0089896 $36.70
  Off Road G0060053 $36.70
Front One Side 0.5
  Both Sides 0.7
Rear One Side 0.4

By not replacing them, you run the risk of damaging other suspension parts.

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