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Dodge Shadow Codes 22 And 37

Q. I just bought a Dodge Shadow 2.2 liter TBI, automatic transmission, base model. Knowing that it had a few problems, the car was very cheap. I replaced the Throttle Body base gasket, and rerouted the vacuum lines as near to perfect as I could, if I understand the schematics correctly. I still have problems with idling and driving. It will start quite well, but then dies within 10 to 15 seconds.

Dodge Shadow Codes 22 And 37

I pulled the codes, #22 and #37 come up often. The wiring for the coolant temperature and fan have been rerouted, and I'm not sure if this is a factor, but I have no idea which wires are supposed to be connected to the transmission. An orange and blue are disconnected from..? Would this cause the converter solenoid failure reading? And if it is the converter solenoid, how would I go about fixing it? Any help would be appreciated!

A. I don't know what year car this is or if it is a turbo, so all I can do is give you general information.

Code 22 Coolant temperature sensor circuit.

Testing and Inspection:

  1. Place ignition switch in OFF position, then disconnect coolant temperature sensor electrical connector.
  2. Connect suitable ohmmeter across coolant temperature sensor terminals and measure sensor resistance.
  3. Resistance should measure 700 to 1,000 ohms with sensor at normal operating temperature (200°F) and 7,000 to 3,000 ohms with sensor at room temperature (70°F). If ohmmeter reading is not as specified, replace coolant temperature sensor.

Code 37--On 1986-87 models, shift indicator lamp circuit (manual transmissions); Part throttle unlock (automatic transmissions).

Code 37--On 1988---89 models, part throttle unlock solenoid circuit

This solenoid is controlled by the engine controller. The engine controller applies and removes the ground from this solenoid to engage or disengage the lock-up torque converter. The lock-up torque converter is only locked up when the transmission is in direct drive and when the throttle position is not fluctuating.

If the engine controller receives a signal from the Throttle Position Sensor that an increase or decrease in throttle is needed (when the transmission gear selector is in direct drive), the engine controller will disengage the part throttle solenoid causing the lock-up torque converter to be disengaged.

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