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BMW 528i Fuel Filter And CTS Locations

Q. Dear Vince, Hi, the details of my bimmer are as follows:

  • 1997 BMW 528i (E39)
  • 241,000 kilometers
  • Automatic transmission

Can you please tell me, possibly through a diagram, that where is the fuel filter located in my car?

BMW 528i Fuel Filter And CTS Locations

It's more than a year old and I need to change it as per your advise on your web site. I can not find it visibly looking inside the hood.

Secondly, below is one of my previous question and your answer to the same:

Question: I feel substantial vibrations in my car when I start it in the morning but fades away when the engine is hot. The ambient temperature here in Saudi Arabia is approximately 30° to 40° C (83° to 105° F). What can be wrong?

Answer: You may have a Coolant Temperature Sensor (CTS) that is bad. The only way to test it is with a BMW scan tool.

Now, using the scan tool for "diagnosis" alone at a good workshop means $150.00 to $200.00 US$. Therefore, please tell me, If I try to change the sensor, where is it located inside the hood and how much does it cost. Please help me out.


A. The fuel filter is under the vehicle on the left side. You have to remove a plastic cover in order to actually see it. It is easy to replace. Pinch off the rubber fuel lines in front and in back of the fuel filter, then just un-clamp the hoses from the filter. Make not of which way the arrow on the filter is pointing so you can put the new fuel filter on the same way.

BMW 528i Fuel Filter And CTS Locations

The Coolant Temperature Sensor/Switch (For The Computer) is part number 13621703993 and costs $17.50 US$. Here is a picture of where it is located, depending on production date.

BMW 528i Fuel Filter And CTS Locations
Front RH Side Of Engine Compartment


BMW 528i Fuel Filter And CTS Locations
Front Of Engine

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