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Toyota Camry Power Door Lock Recall

Q. 1989 Toyota Camry LE. The electric door locks have always been sluggish and very difficult to unlock with key from either door. The other day they would not unlock with key, but my wife was able to unlock the driver side manually, pulling up on lock mechanism. Now three of the four doors are locked, only the passenger side rear works manually, and manually only.

Toyota Camry Power Door Lock Recall

The doors will not unlock with control button on either the driver or passenger side. They will also not unlock manually or with key in either side. I can hear the relay operate with door control button on both sides. I can also hear the relay operate when the key tries to unlock on either side.

Before this happened the right rear door would not unlock with door control button but would unlock manually. I thought that maybe the relay contacts were dirty or voltage was low. I crawled in back seat, started the car, revved engine to boost voltage and tried to unlock, but they would not move.

I sprayed penetrating oil in each lock from the top and in each key hole and let sit overnight. Still would not work electrically or manually. I am stumped. Help please.


A. There was a recall on this vehicle for this problem.

NHTSA Campaign ID Number: 92V135000
Component: Structure: Door Assembly: Latches And Locks
Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.
Year: 1989
Make: Toyota
Year of Recall: 1992
Type of Report: Vehicle
Potential Number of Units Affected: 554,910

Defect Summary:
The electronic control unit (ECU) for the power door lock system can fail, causing the contacts to "weld", and resulting in door lock solenoid damage, with failure of the door to lock or unlock, even under manual operation.

Consequence Summary:
If the door fails to open after ECU failure, vehicle occupants would have increased difficulty exiting the vehicle in an emergency.

Corrective Summary:
Install an additional sub-circuit relay control to prevent malfunction of original relays in the ECU.

So the thing to do is contact your local Toyota dealer and have the recall performed.

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