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Jeep Cherokee A/C Drain Hose Location

Q. Hi Jim, I have come across your site by accident and find it to be a site with an abundant wealth of knowledge and very invaluable information for the handy self to doer. Thank you, for sharing your experience, knowledge and every day common sense with the rest of us.

Jeep Cherokee A/C Drain Hose Location

Now for my question. I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee Country with an A/C evaporator drain problem. As with two other threads you have on this site regarding this problem, my car seems to fill up with water in the front passenger cabin side when we turn on the A/C.

If we leave it to run for an extended period of time, the cold water that comes down in the front passenger side, also travels through the system and starts to drain on the driver side and in the back passenger cabin, depending on the turns we make while driving.

I know the drain hose must be clogged and that is why the water is coming into the cabin. BUT I do not know and have not been able to figure out where it is and how to get to it. Please advise. Your help would be very much appreciated.

Thank You,

A. I would like to think your opening comments were for my web site, and not Jim's, whoever he is? If you are referring to my very knowledgable colleague Jim Grant, he does not answer every question he is sent as I do.

Anyway, you are probably correct in your diagnosis of a clogged A/C drain hose. It's a very common thing to happen.

If your vehicle has an A/C drain hose, it will be located on the engine side of the firewall, below where the two A/C lines go through the firewall.

NO: 24-18-94
GROUP: Heating & A/C
DATE: Nov. 18, 1994
SUBJECT: Condensate Drain Tube Eliminated

1994-1995 (AN) Dakota
1993-1995 (XJ) Cherokee

DISCUSSION: The above vehicles no longer use an air conditioner condensate drain tube. Cherokee's built after September 3, 1993 (MDH 09-03-xx) and Dakota's built after June 1, 1994 (MDH 06-01-xx) no longer need the condensate drain tube. Do not install in the field or submit a shortage and error request.

Somewhere just below the Suction and Liquid Lines you will see a small black hose coming through the firewall and pointing down. This is the A/C drain hose. Take a piece of wire and snake out the hose. This will clear the blockage and allow the water to drain out.

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You may have to remove the drain hose completely. If so, it just pulls right out and you can slip it back on easily enough.

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