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Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel Pump

Q. While reading the section on fuel pump removal/installation you mentioned some tanks have to be dropped and some don't. I don't have the book you mentioned and wondered if you could tell me before I begin whether or not I will have to drop the tank. The vehicle is a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

I guess I should have asked first if I'm headed in the right direction. I depressed the valve on the fuel rail and there is no pressure built and I went as far as unhooking both fuel lines and turned over the engine and got no fuel flow at all. I'm sure this isn't the safest way to check but anyway, am I correct in thinking the fuel pump needs to be replaced? And last, will I need to drop the tank? Any advice will be appreciated.


A. I would check the orange/black wire at the fuel pump connector first. If there is power there for about three to five seconds after the key is turned on, then you have a bad fuel pump.

If there is no power there, you will need to trace it back. It's probably a bad ASD relay.

If you do need to replace the fuel pump, the fuel tank will need to come out.

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