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Chevy Tahoe Fluctuating Fuel Gauge

Q. I have a 1999 Chevy Tahoe and was wondering why the gas gauge is fluttering. It seems to keep an accurate measurement of what is in the tank, but it vibrates while driving down the road. What do you think may be wrong and how should I go about fixing it.

By the way, thank you very much for your timely response to my previous question regarding the body being tilted toward the drivers side.


A. I try to answer all the questions I get as soon as I can. But often it is just not possible due to the number of questions I get. I usually run three or four days behind. That's why I recommend anyone needing an immediate answer to call me on the phone.

The fuel gauge should read steady. Sometimes you get a sending unit that is particularly sensitive and will fluctuate as the fuel sloshes around in the tank. There are no TSBs issued relating to this so you may want to check with your dealer to see if this is a problem or normal operation.

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