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Buick Park Avenue Door Locks

Q. I have a 1995 Buick Park Avenue. The driver side power door lock control, and the remote, will not open all four doors, only opens the driver side. The power switch on the passenger side opens the driver's side, but not itself or the back. I assume the locks are in sequence? Do I need a new passenger side actuator?

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A. Does this have a lock-out switch on the drivers side? If not, sounds like the actuators are bad on all doors except the right front. If you can here a actuator moving inside the door but nothing moves, may just be a little rubber piece inside the actuator. There was a bulletin out for this and they sell them separately.

Bulletin No.: 63-10-41B. Date: November, 1997

Some owners may comment on inoperative power door locks (front and/or rear doors). Door locks will still operate manually.>

Condition may be caused by ripping of the external bumper which allows the actuator arm to disengage.>

Replace external bumper on actuator arm.

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