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Ford F-150 Clutch Hydraulic Line

Q. 1995 Ford F-150. The fitting on the hydraulic line from the clutch master cylinder that snaps into the female receptacle on the throw out bearing housing. The question is how does this fitting stay in place? Everyone has told me it just snaps on but I can't get that to happen.

Ford F-150 Clutch Hydraulic Line

A. Depending on the type of fitting you have, it could be a simple snap into place fitting or have a 3/32" pin holding it together. If you used a tool similar to the Ford Clutch Coupling Tool T88T-70522-A then it should just snap together again.

If not, inspect it closely for damage. If it looks all right, use the tool to release the lock and try snapping it in place.

Ford F-150 Clutch Hydraulic Line
Clutch Coupling Tool T88T-70522-A

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