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Toyota Camry LE Is Taking On Water

Q. Hi Vin, I have a 1997 Toyota Camry LE. The car is in great condition in/out and mechanically. My concern is the air conditioner. It works GREAT except for the fact that I am getting a lot of water under the front floor carpeting when I use it. The mats are dry but the carpeting is wet! I hear a sloshing sound when I make turns and that is how I discovered it.

Toyota Camry LE Is Taking On Water

I lifted the carpeting and found a good amount of water. I dried it all out but now I don't want to put the Air Conditioner on. Any suggestions or comments to my problem would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!

Thanks in advance,
New Jersey

A. This is a common occurrence on many vehicles with A/C. What has happened is the A/C drain hose is clogged, allowing the A/C Evaporator case to fill with water from condensation. This water then drips inside the car on the passenger floor. The water in the evaporator case is what you hear sloshing around.

Somewhere just below the Suction and Liquid Lines you will see a small black hose coming through the firewall and pointing down. This is the A/C drain hose. Take a piece of wire and snake out the hose. This will clear the blockage and allow the water to drain out.

Toyota Camry LE Is Taking On Water

You may have to remove the drain hose completely. If so, it just pulls right out and you can slip it back on easily enough.

Toyota Camry LE Is Taking On Water

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