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Dodge Neon Heating And A/C Problem

Q. I have a 2000 Dodge Neon. The climate control switch does not work all the time. I have recently tried to turn on the A/C but it doesn't cool well all the time. I know to turn the climate control knob so we don't circulate outside air, but when I turn the switch sometimes it closes the outside air and sometimes it doesn't. You can feel and hear the difference when it opens and closes the climate control.

Dodge Neon Heating And A/C Problem

The air conditioner blows nice and cool, but when the knob decides not to work, not to close the control we get outside air circulating also and therefore the car doesn't get near as cool and it takes forever to cool it down. How do I get to the climate control knob? Remove the portion of the dash where the radio and everything is?

I will be happy to buy a Chilton manual or whatever you suggest if this is something I can get to and repair myself. I'd appreciate your assistance with this question.

A. I'm really confused here. If you are talking about the RECIRC position, that door is vacuum operated so it's possible the vacuum motor is bad or vacuum line is pinched or broken. Also, the one-way vacuum check valve may be bad.

If you are talking about the Temperature control, that is cable activated. If the cable is bent or kinked at the temperature control knob or the blend door, you could very well get intermittent operation.

You can look at the control cables from underneath the dash board and make sure they are good. To check the other end of the cables the whole center section of the dash needs to come out. I believe the Chilton manual will give you the procedure to do it.

Dodge Neon Heating And A/C Problem
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