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Nissan Altima Power Windows

Q. Got a 1993 Nissan Altima GXE , 2.4 litre engine, manual transmission, 162,500 miles, fuel injection, P/S, A/C, Cruise Control. About three years ago, the back right power window started going up and down on its own. Eventually, it stayed down. I got it rolled back up and disconnected it.

About a year ago, the back left window began doing the same thing. I got it rolled up and disconnected it. Now, the passenger side window is doing the same thing. It began rolling up and down on its own, but it hasn't stayed down, YET. What happens is the window will roll down or up on its own and you can hear something spinning inside after finishes going up or down.

Before it completely quits after about a month or so, the controls on the window or main panel either work or don't work, depending on the date, day, or time of day, how you hold your mouth, or if your having a bad hair day or not.

Any suggestions? Know anyone that has ever had this problem before and can you tell me what fixed it?


A. I know several hundred people who has had this problem. Nissan has always had a problem with the master window switch in the drivers door. So I would say the chances of yours being bad are pretty good.

You can try locating one in a junk yard, but due to demand they are hard to find used. You'll probably wind up buying a new one from the dealer.

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