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Subaru Forester Windshield Icing

Q. Dear Vincent: 2002 Subaru Forester. Driving home from work in a severe snow storm last week, I found my windshield icing up so badly, that I literally could not see a thing in front of me. It was difficult to see well enough to pull over to scrape it off. After doing so, it would ice back up within a few miles, and I would have to keep pulling over and cleaning it off.

Subaru Forester Windshield Icing

My questions refer to what I should do if this happens in the future? Should I have my defroster temperature set to the hottest position? Coldest position? Or somewhere in between? Should I have the air conditioner turned on? At what speed should I have my fan running? Any suggestions you can give me would be greatly appreciated.


A. To prevent your windshield from icing up, you should have your heater controls set on DEFROSTER, temperature set on HOT and the recirculation lever set on FRESH. This will keep your windshield warm and prevent ice from forming.

Subaru Forester Windshield Icing
Subaru Forester Windshield Icing

Once the windshield is warm, you can set the mode selector dial to DEFROSTER AND HEATER. This will keep ice from forming and keep the interior warm.

If you have mist on the inside of the windshield you should turn the A/C switch on. This will dry the incoming air and the windshield will defog much quicker.

If you look in your owners manual there is complete information on how the system works and what positions are best for what conditions. If you do not have an owners manual, you can get one from the Subaru parts department.

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