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Toyota Corolla CV Boot Replacement

Q. Hi, I am trying to replace my outer CV boot on my 1990 Toyota Corolla. I have the passenger side drive shaft free of all obstacles, however I cannot remove the outer CV joint from the drive shaft. I can't seem to find any sort of clips that is holding the CV joint to the drive shaft.

Toyota Corolla CV Boot Replacement

The drive shaft has an inner CV boot and some sort or rubber bushing in the center of the shaft with the outer CV boot at the other end. I am trying to avoid removing the half shaft from the transaxle to avoid extra work. Any idea how I can replace my outer CV boot? I tried the quick boots twice but had to replace them after a couple of weeks.


A. Kalvinder, take the axle shaft out. There is only four bolts holding it in and it's not a lot of work to remove. The outer joint is pressed off and on and you won't be able to do it on the car. And some of the Toyota joints the joint and shaft are one piece.

You remove the inner boot and you will see a snap ring on the end of the shaft. Remove the snap ring and slide the tripod off, noting which way it came off so you can replace it the same way.

Now it's just a matter of removing the outer boot and replacing it. Replace the inner boot, place the tripod on the end of the shaft and reinstall the snap ring. Button it up, bolt the axle back to the flange and it's done.

Toyota Corolla CV Boot Replacement

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