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Honda CRV Fuel Consumption

Q. I have a 2003 Honda CRV. How can I calculate how much fuel does the A/C and the heater consume?


Honda CRV Fuel Consumption

A. To calculate fuel milage you would need to do a fuel test with the particular component on for at least one tankful of fuel and with it off for the same amount of time.

So in this case you would fill up the gas tank and note the milage. Turn on the heater and drive with it on for at least one tankful of gas. Then fill up the tank and note how many gallons it took. Subtract the previous milage from the present milage and that will give you the miles driven.

Divide the miles driven by the gallons used and this is your fuel consumption with the heater on. Now do the same thing with the heater off. subtract the milage with the heater on from the milage with the heater off and that will give you an idea of how much extra fuel the heater uses. Now you would do the same thing with the A/C.

In theory this is all well and good, but in practice it will be hard to do. I mean do you want to drive around for a whole tankful of gas with the heater on full blast? Suffice it to say that the heater consumes a negligible amount of fuel. The A/C, depending on conditions could actually increase your milage, but in general you will get three or four mpg less with the A/C on.

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