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Pontiac Grand Am No Start When Cold

Q. Hey Vincent, I have a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am 3.3 liter V-6 automatic transmission, 115,000 miles and it's in a coma right now. You can here the starter, the buzzing noise from the fuel pump but that's it. The rpm needle doesn't even move, and I do get all the lights coming on in the dash when the switch is turned.

Pontiac Grand Am No Start When Cold

For about two weeks I was having a little difficulty turning it on, to the point where it took over 10 seconds of cranking for it to turn over. But that was in cold weather, in warmer weather it would turn on right away. Then one cold morning that's it, no start.

So I waited till it got warmer but no luck. Tried charging the battery and got denied again. So then I took it to a shop and wasted away $50.00 only to have them tell me what I already knew going in there, it wouldn't start. So they checked for blown fuses, fuel pressure, injectors, battery, starter, alternator belt and couldn't find the problem.

They narrowed it down to either the Crank Angle Sensor, ignition module with possibly all the coils or the PCM. But they want to charge an additional $200.00 to diagnose it, not to fix it! Smells like rip-off.

They said they can get the car to start so that they can connect it to scan for DTCs, but is that even possible if a Crank Angle Sensor or PCM is bad? If so what are they bypassing to get the car to start, I mean can it be done? If so how are they doing it?

Anyway is there a way for a DIY guy to do this as well as to check the suspected components out and if so with what equipment? I was actually going to buy the ignition module but when I went to the auto parts store they hooked mine to a computer and it passed so they said it was still good.

Thanks for your time any help is greatly appreciated.

A. Sounds like it could be a bad Crank Angle Sensor (CAS). There are tests to check this but you will need a voltmeter and a schematic to do them. Most likely all the coils won't go bad at the same time.

You need to determine if you are losing fuel pressure or spark. Also may want to check compression to rule out a skipped timing chain.

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