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Toyota Corolla Fuel Pressure

Q. I have a question on the fuel pressure. I am driving the Toyota Corolla EE-111 and had recently installed an adjustable fuel pressure regulator. I don't know what pressure should I set. Also at 1.8 (26 psi) to 2.2 (32 psi) I feel that the engine/exhaust note is rather throaty. I can feel vibrations, something I never felt, at the accelerator pedal.

That's at 3,000 rpm/100kph. However, the vibrations will go back to normal after 3,200rpm. Idle speed of the car went down to 600 - 900 after installation too. Please advise. I have heard that optimum fuel pressure for Toyota is 2.2 bar. Is this true? What is the pressure on my stock regulator?

A. Fuel pressure varies from engine to engine. A 1992 Toyota Cressida L6-3.0 liter DOHC (7M-GE) calls for 33 (2.2 bar) - 37 (2.5 bar) psi and a 1992 Toyota Corolla Sedan L4-96.8 1587cc 1.6 liter DOHC (4A-FE) calls for 30 (2 bar) - 33 (2.2 bar) psi.

For those who are wondering, 1 bar = 14.5038 psi.

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