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Ford Ranger Hesitation & Pinging

Q. I bought a 1999 Ford Ranger truck XLT. When I bought the truck it needed a tune-up, so I did it. Went to the dealer and bought the original spark plugs, wires, fuel filter which is the flex a hose fuel line. The truck still has the problem of when I come to a complete stop it hesitates and sometimes it shut-off.

Ford Ranger Hesitation & Pinging

When cruising down the street I step in the accelerator for the overdrive and there is a rattle in the engine like when you put bad gas or when it's out of timing, but the truck does not have a distributor. Do you know what I'm up against? Should I trade the truck or is there a solution to this? Please help it's driving me crazy.

Thank you for your response.

A. Since I don't know what size engine or what type ignition system you have, there is nothing I can do for you except to have you make sure all the plug wires are routed correctly, that you are using the correct fuel and that the knock sensor (if equipped) is working correctly.

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