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Chevy Cavalier TCC Solenoid

Q. I have a 1994 Chevy Cavalier SW, 3.1 liter engine, 98,000 miles, 3 speed automatic transmission. The car runs great but when it runs for a long time the engine stalls. When I restart it is fine until I put it in gear it stalls. If I let the car cool down it will work fine until it gets hot again. From looking in you help pages it looks like a TCC solenoid problem. Is it easy enough for a weekend person to replace. Do you have to drop the transmission pan and that is where the solenoid is or do you have to take the valve body out?

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Chevy Cavalier TCC Solenoid

A. The side transmission pan needs to come off. This means the left front wheel and inner fender well need to be removed. You won't loose much fluid when this pan is removed. It's a doable job but not that easy in the driveway.

How To Replace Your TCC Solenoid (GM)
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