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Chevy Blazer Dies When Put In Gear

Q. I have a 1989 Chevy Blazer, 700R4, 4 wheel drive, V-6, odometer is flipped, automatic transmission. In December last year, we replaced the fuel pump and radiator since the transmission lines busted inside the radiator and got water all inside the transmission and radiator. We flushed the transmission out and it kept running, until a month ago.

Chevy Blazer Dies When Put In Gear

My husband and brother in law tore down my transmission, bought the replacement parts, and put it back together. (All of which took about three weeks) This is the third transmission that they have put back together. They got it all put back together and as soon as they put it in reverse, it died. We gave up and sent it to a transmission shop.

They replaced the pump and we put in a new torque converter even though the other one was also new. But, it is still dying as soon as you put it into gear, drive or reverse. It acts like a manual transmission when you don't push the clutch in. As soon as you put it into reverse, it dies.

You can push it and it will eventually start but, if you come to a complete stop, it will die again. Starts fine but when you put it into gear, dead. Also, I don't know if this will help, but when you put the rear end up on jacks and put it into gear, it will run in reverse but not in drive (which when this all started, it ran in reverse and drive when on jacks) PLEASE HELP!!!!


A. Sounds like they somehow got the lockup torque converter to stay on all the time. Possibly a short in the TCC wires or parts installed wrong inside the transmission.

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