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Toyota Camry ABS Computer

Q. Hello Mr. Ciulla, I have a 1994 Toyota Camry (4 cylinders, LE model) that came with ABS (VIN # 4T1SK12E5RU433283). I bought the car used about one year ago, and the ABS didn't work then. The car was made in May of 94, and it has a Bosch unit. In my question to repair the ABS (the ABS light doesn't turn on at all, although the bulb and wiring are okay.

Toyota Camry ABS Computer

A few clicks can be heard from the ABS module at startup, but trying to get codes out of the computer (with or without a scan tool) will get nothing. The scan tool can't connect to the computer, it's a Snap-on tool that a mechanic friend has). Well, after all the troubleshooting I've decided that the ABS computer is bad. Since it's almost $800.00 for a new one from the dealer I tried to get one from the junk yard.

Here I've ran into an interesting problem. Everybody is telling me that the ABS computer (or body control module as some call it) is located on the right side dash, which would mean the passenger's side inside the passenger compartment. However, according to Alldata the ABS computer is located in the right side engine bay, right on top of the ABS hydraulic unit. Am I missing something here?

Are there two computers? Perhaps you have a better idea of what could be wrong here, if there is a more definite test I can run to narrow down the problem. If not, then please let me know where that ABS computer is.


A. You're not going crazy George. The location of the ABS computer depends on who made built the car. Toyota Motor Corporation or Toyota Motor Manufacturing. So it is either in the passenger side kick panel OR under the hood.

Toyota Camry ABS Computer
Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota Camry ABS Computer
Toyota Motor Manufacturing

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