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Ford Escort Clutch Switch

Q. The problem was originally described to me that when the ignition switch was turned on nothing happened. First thought was a dead battery, so that was replaced. After replacement, she tried to start the car, but the only way it would turn-over is with the clutch depressed completely to the floor.

Ford Escort Clutch Switch

Apparently, this is recent as she now has to depress the clutch much farther than she used to. I suspect it is the clutch switch, or clutch engage switch is either bad or out of adjustment. Wanted to determine if you concurred with this analysis.

  • 1995 Ford Escort
  • 1.4 liter
  • Manual transmission


A. Well, that's what it sounds like to me too Ron. I don't remember, for sure, if the switch is adjustable, but I believe it is. So that would be the first thing to check. But, keep in mind, it is not unusual to have to press the clutch completely to the floor to start a car like this.

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