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Ford F-250 Diesel Starter

Q. I am having no-start problems with my 1991 Ford F-250 non-turbo 7.3 diesel and automatic transmission. I have recently changed the water pump and afterwards I have been having starting problems. At first it would start and then stall quickly (acted like it was flooded afterwards and needed to sit a few minutes before restarting) but then it would start fine.

Some times it would take several tries and need to be cranked a long time to start. Then it started acting like the batteries were getting run down on one try, but would start right up the next. Then the amp/volt meter started showing funny readings, it would run way up like it was overcharging then jump back and forth. Last Wednesday night when coming home from work it was very hard to start.

Came home and changed clothes (20 minutes) and when I came back out it would crank but not start at all. The next morning, nothing. I have had the alternator and batteries tested, and changed the voltage regulator (for peace of mind). Now I have traced problem to the starter.

I want to take the starter off and take it to be checked but I cannot figure out how to get the third bolt off. It is hidden on top of the starter between the solenoid and the block. Is there a trick that I am missing or something that needs to be removed before I can get to that bolt?

A. I've done a couple of those starters and while that bolt is not easy to get to, there is nothing you have to remove to get to it. Sometimes you can get to it through the wheel well with a flex socket and long extension.

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