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GMC Jimmy Has A Miss

Q. I have a 1995 GMC Jimmy. I had a tune-up done at a respectable (supposedly) shop. They didn't replace all of the plugs or any wires or air filter. It started running real rough and I didn't know what to do. Now I found out that it runs the same if you swap #2 and #4 plug wires. It is getting very bad gas milage.

GMC Jimmy Has A Miss

It is a V-6 Vortec, automatic transmission, A/C, 4WD. I have added B-12 chemtrol fuel addictive and swapped the 2 and 4 plug wires hopping that it is right. I need to know what the firing order is and if there is any thing else I need to check. It didn't have any power at take off from a stop until you got going then it still wasn't good.

Thanks for any help...

A. Why on earth are you messing with this? Tow the car to the shop that worked on it and demand they make it right. A tune-up should have gotten you at least plugs, air filter, PCV and fuel filter. Wires are at the desecration of the technician doing the work, as are the cap and rotor. The firing order is cast into the intake manifold somewhere. The order escapes me at this time. If you continue to drive with a misfire you may take out the catalytic converter!

GMC Jimmy Has A Miss
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