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Chevy Cavalier Stall, No Or Hard Start

Q. Sir, I just found your site - it is wonderful, I looked at all "Cavalier" Q&As. It sounds like I need to look at the TCC, but you tell me.

  • 1999 Chevy Cavalier
  • 2.2 liter fuel injected
  • Automatic transmission
  • About 50,000 miles
  • ABS brakes,traction control
  • P/S, A/C
Chevy Cavalier Stall, No Or Hard Start

Background: Car operates fine in dry weather. In wet and humid weather it starts and runs fine at intermediate to high speed, but can, and will stall at idle. Restarting is sometimes problematic. If restarted then sometimes will stall when put into gear. I assumed it was related to idle speed as usually A/C, lights and radio on, my daughter's car.

So cleaned out intake plenum and replaced idle valve, throttle bypass, and throttle position and verified 800 to 950 rpm. It worked okay for awhile then returned. So then looked at battery voltage and charged battery and verified bus to be running at 14 to 14.5v. I have visually inspected the MAP, didn't know about the TCC at that time, and spark plug wires, plugs and module, All seem okay. Checked for OBD-II codes, no trouble code listed, no stored codes.

Question: What could cause the following? During wet and humid weather one can start the car and drive off, but sometimes, not always, after a few green lights or getting off a highway then when one comes to a red light or off ramp, foot off gas and perhaps on brake, the engine stalls.

Sometimes it will start up right away, sometime it takes a few moments but generally will restart okay, but then stall at the next red light. When it stalls sometimes the ABS light will come on and sometimes the low traction light will come on.

Other than the computer, is there a connection between the traction control, ABS and TCC? What ideas do you have for this problem?


A. Usually the ignition is a suspect when problems occur when wet or damp. Possibly leaking plug wires or a cracked coil tower. Try lightly spraying the ignition wires with a salt water solution at night and see if you can see any spark jumping. If you find nothing a scanner may be needed to watch the data when problem occurs.

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