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Ford Transmission Identification

Q. Hello Vincent, I have a 1995 Ford F150 4WD 4 speed automatic transmission with the overdrive button on the column shifter. I would like to know if you know what type of transmission I have so I can get replacement gaskets for it. I believe it is E40D but i'm not sure. I checked my owners manual and its not to specific. Any help would be great.


Ford Transmission Identification

A. The identification tag for the C6 transmission is attached to the intermediate servo lower front cover bolt, includes the model prefix and suffix, transmission model, internal change number, service identification number, and build date.

Ford Transmission Identification
C6 transmission identification tag

The identification tag for the E4OD transmission is located on the left hand side of the transmission case just behind the Transmission Range (TR) sensor.

Ford Transmission Identification
E4OD transmission identification tag

Ford Transmission Identification

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