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Jeep Grand Cherokee Taking On Water

Q. Vince, My 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee A/C is leaking water under the passenger seat into the rear floorboard, passenger side. I believe that some of the water is coming out of the back ports on the floor board on the passenger side. The A/C is cooling fine but I’ve noticed that the A/C works under the dash on the passenger side are sweating quite a bit.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Taking On Water

I lifted the carpet under the passenger side on the front and did not find any water there it seems to be coming from the back. I suspect a clogged drain line somewhere but I don't know where to look for the clog. I have noticed that there is less run off on the garage floor than usual. Ideas? Suggestions?


A. There are four drain tubes that run from the sunroof through the body and out under the vehicle. Sometimes they kink or get disconnected, allowing water to enter the vehicle. In addition, the sun roof contains a drip trough or channel, which travels with the glass and is intended to catch any water that may leak at the rear of the sun roof. This trough can be damaged and break away from the mechanism.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Taking On Water

This is, of course, if you have a sunroof.

A/C drain tubes are prone to blockage, so this is a distinct possibility. The evaporator drain tube is located on the bottom half of the Heater A/C housing.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Taking On Water

NOTE: The Heater A/C housing shown is for 1999 models. Previous years may be similar. This image is provided as a guide only as Chrysler DOES NOT provide an image for the location of the drain tube on 1998 or earlier models.

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